With the term “RUN” we mean Configuration, Testing, Commissionig and Internal Training of the security system.

Elettro Light designs, installs, and services seamlessly integrated physical security solutions across multiple verticals and industries. Strategically aligned with top manufacturers and software developers, Elettro Light ensures the highest level of protection for your assets. Elettro Light meets your current needs and future growth plans by offering a wide range of professional services ensuring your investment is secure and will continue to operate as originally designed.


To do this, is very important that “run phase” is made with qualified engineer that follow the certification program of top manufacturers.

Elettro Light’s application-engineering services eliminate the need for security directors/managers to manage multiple vendors for an individual project or group of projects. From concept design through to ongoing system and application support, our teams are experienced in consulting with client stakeholders on IT-enabling works as well as system programming and commissioning.


More complex tasks such as data cleansing, data imports and exports, system auditing and client configuration can be carried out on an ad hoc basis. Outsourcing these functions to Elettro Light and utilising our team’s diverse, industry-leading skill sets allows your existing personnel to focus on their everyday tasks. We enhance your existing programme and act as an extension of your in-house personnel/security management function, ensuring your assets, data and people are securely protected.

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