Since our inception in 1973, we develop security design delivering award-winning design solutions and partnering with some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Our specialist engineers ensure a seamless handover from audit/survey and review stage to guarantee that our design solutions have been thoroughly considered to deliver best-in-class operational assurance.

Our key design ability

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We design, install and maintenance your security backbone with flexible, scalable deployment options that incorporate multiple technologies including mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

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Adapting to an ever-changing environment requires continuous innovation. That’s why we’re always looking beyond traditional physical security to provide solutions. Unifying real-time data from security and other building systems as well as the internet enhances situational awareness and provides actionable insights. From a front lobby to a Global Security Operations Center, our media-rich, unified user interface delivers the information and services you need to protect people and assets, reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.

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Since the most important part of any building is the people inside it, we’ve designed ways to help them stay safe, secure and productive including touchless access, real-time notifications, self-mustering for evacuations and more.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring employee safety upon their return to the office is paramount. Elettro Light’s work solutions enhance security, enabling organizations to operate more safely and efficiently. These solutions, including Proactive Protection, Fewer Touch Points, and Safe Occupancy Level monitoring, instill confidence in employees to return to work in a secure and comfortable environment.


Elettro Light’s offerings encompass thermal screenings, occupancy tracking, and hands-free mobile credentialing to minimize contact points and promote a healthier building environment. Demonstrating a commitment to safety is vital for both employees and visitors.


Additionally, Elettro Light assists clients with security system audits and reviews to determine the appropriateness of their solutions and identify optimization opportunities. With 50 years of experience, the company leverages local market conditions for comprehensive security system audits.

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Our engineers trough most advance drawing software (Autocad, Recap, Inventor) could create a digital twin of the system so Customer could see and play with the system before the installation to have a complete vision of the solution proposed.

Our design service


Elettro Light’s system evaluation service offers clients the ability to fully analyse and document their current security solutions while identifying areas that require improvement, possible vulnerabilities or justifications for replacement. Where system replacements are required, we assist with product selection by developing a migration strategy to a solution that meets the client’s requirements. When it comes to security system configuration, our key focus is consistency and accuracy. Elettro Light’s world-class consultants conduct a full assessment of the client’s existing security systems. Following the evaluation, a comprehensive report is compiled and issued to the client. This highlights areas of concern or where improvements could be made to the security system’s performance in order to streamline security operations.


Systems integration comes in many forms and allows the monitoring and controlling of a vast array of third party systems from a single point. This ability is an important marketing strategy for security system manufacturers as they actively seek out other systems for integration. Commonly integrated systems include CCTV, access control, intrusion detection, building management, automatic fire detection, radios, intercoms, and suppression. By employing the expertise of specialist designers, organisations can ensure that they are guided through the process of building a robust operational security system. Through detailed system specifications and ongoing support, Elettro Light can remove uncertainty and ensure that the final integrated solution is fit for purpose and a key driver for operational efficiency.

CCTV DESIGN (Border Security And Perimeter Security)

Surveillance system technologies have become a proactive digital method of detection. As well as providing an effective method of visually monitoring internal and external spaces, CCTV can now seamlessly interact with other integrated security solutions such as biometric recognition, vehicular access control and visitor management systems. However, this rapid technological advancement has saturated the surveillance market with a multitude of service providers. We have no specific allegiance to a particular product or manufacturer, allowing us to evaluate all available technology to ensure that we provide tailored solutions that meet our client’s specific needs and requirements. We reduce potential risks by ensuring that a CCTV system operates to its full ability, and provides security teams with valuable tools for real-time monitoring of day-to-day operations, which contributes to the overall security of the client’s premises and employees.


Our innovative access control system integrates hardware, communication, and software components like no other electronic security system. It allows for physical access restrictions based on system design, software rules, and electrical inputs/outputs. This system can function in various ways, from denying unauthorized access to blocking all cardholder entries during a fire emergency.


A crucial aspect of our control system is the credential reader, which supports different technologies (e.g., 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz, MIFARE, and DESFire) based on specific requirements. High-frequency technology enables integration with payment systems and supports biometric credentials like fingerprints and retina scans, enhancing security for users. Additionally, we consider external access, such as vehicle access, and implement features like boom gates, sliding gates, traffic management, and security control points to address more complex needs.


Intruder alarm systems detect unauthorised entry to properties or specific areas of properties, whether residential houses, apartments, retail spaces or commercial buildings. Quite often the spaces needing protection extend beyond the building’s physical structure to surrounding open areas including perimeter fence lines. Elettro Light has designed many installations with varying graded alarm systems and understand intimately the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of sensors and detectors, from the largest vaults and complex cash/bullion handling to small residential intruder systems.


Control rooms are the backbone of the security system and are essential in managing building security operations.

We have extensive experience in control room design, from conceptual planning through to practical implementation. We utilise a ‘top-down approach’ which takes all elements into consideration before specifying a solution that is specifically tailored to individual clients’ needs and operational requirements.

In addition to cutting-edge technology, we understand that the ‘human factor’ plays a vital role in the overall design and day-to-day operations of a control room. The combination of, and interaction between end users, security operators and management staff is the ultimate driving factor in ensuring that the control room is ‘fit for purpose’. We ensure that all ergonomic and anthropometric design criteria is considered so as to optimise the overall user experience.

By engaging with key members of the client’s security team we ensure that ambient working conditions are maintained, factoring in design considerations such as optimised temperature levels, acoustic perception, and regulated air-flow and lighting.

By combining the latest technologies with our in-depth knowledge of the sector we are able to ensure that our control room designs work effectively for the scale and complexity of the tasks they will be required to undertake, which in turn allows security operators to remain alert, leading to more attentive monitoring, quicker and more rational responses to incidents, and higher day-to-day productivity.


Elettro Light offers comprehensive, robust solutions to protect critical environments and high-value assets while safeguarding business continuity. Dedicated professionals have the expertise needed to engineer and install large-scale fire alarm & life safety systems. Elettro Light provides end-to-end services including system testing and inspection, monitoring, and preventative maintenance. Elettro Light’s local service with a global reach aligns with any organizational safety objective.


RESILIENCE, PROTECTION and INNOVATION. These is key words placed as foundations of our cyber security systems.

Elettro Light offers comprehensive cybersecurity services to mitigate risk and improve cybersecurity posture. Using an innovative, scalable approach that aligns business objectives with customer needs, Elettro Light deploys custom-fit, robust programs to help protect your system 24/7/365.


Elettro Light has a deep understanding of cybersecurity best practices across all verticals the experience needed to develop and implement an effective, low-cost cyber defense for your security systems.

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