Our 365/24/7 Program support model provides the assurance of unimpeded, 24/7 support to our clients globally.

365/24/7 Program system support

Our Maintenance services deliver remote and cloud-hosted support that facilitates the daily running and management of our clients’ security operations, providing valuable assistance with compliance, governance, and technical specialities.

As enterprise-wide security platforms become entwined with other business information systems, global organisations’ support requirements become more complex. Whether your systems reside in the cloud or on-premise, “365/24/7 Program” support system provides regional resources in locations appropriate to our clients’ operations. At any time of the day or night, at least one of our international hubs is operational and we are able to provide a 365/24/7 support network to our clients.


We have a substantial pool of technical staff certified in access-control and video-surveillance security platforms. These platforms include Master Level certification, allowing us to bypass triage help desks and affording us direct Level 3 support when required.


Dedicated resources, unimpeded access to our clients’ systems and our application-engineering network ensure that, following our standard support operating process, service cases are raised and reported timeously. At close of business in one hub, any unresolved cases are passed onto the next time-zone team during the overlap period. This handover continues until the case is resolved and the conclusion report is issued. This service creates a technical escalation path as well as knowledge-sharing that ensure that issues can be prioritised and resolved in a more efficient and timely manner

Through our global application support teams, we provide holistic 365/h24 engineering services, remotely via our support Hubs.

Helpdesk support

A 24/7 enhanced service offering providing software-fault diagnosis and resolution.

System administration

Complete system management of the security head end, including software patches, upgrades and system analysis.

Engineering services

Support with design, system configuration and ad hoc application engineering.

We could also offer on site maintenance service 365/h24 for any customer need or requirement managed by our help desk.

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